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raintree85's Journal

7 August
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I love reading fan fic and my fav for the longest time was the Buffy/angel ship. But i have just started watching supernatural so love the idea of buffy/dean!

I've been reading fanfic for about 10yrs now and I'm very sad that i don't get to read as much as i used to. I would love to be able to write fanfic, but I can just about write a shopping list so producing a decent story is just a few billion miles out of my reach:) i'm pretty average and kinda boring seeing as i don't have a really cool hobbie so yep this lj will probably be just used to stalk my fav authors and with somepathectic rambelling about my life......yawn ;P

The icon I’ve got at the mo was created by somefairytale thank you!

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